PSAT Tutoring Overview

PSAT The PSAT offers students the opportunity to measure their strengths and weaknesses in preparation for the SAT. The Practice SAT is not used in the college admissions process; however, high scores may qualify you for a National Merit Scholarship. This prestigious recognition opens the door to a variety of scholarship opportunities. Get a head start and begin practicing for the PSAT today with one of our National Merit Scholar Tutors. The PSAT measures each student's writing, critical reading, and math problem-solving skills. Visit the to learn more about the official PSAT sponsors

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Parliament’s Private PSAT Tutoring Program

Our Private PSAT Prep program offers:

  • A customized lesson plan to meet your individualized needs
  • Expert feedback on College Prep, Test Prep and the Admission Process
  • Online communication with your PSAT tutor in between sessions
  • Access to Parliament Online where you can practice with custom-designed SAT Tests to better diagnose your strengths and weaknesses
  • Lesson Packages offering discounted rates of personalized instruction from the most qualified and personable PSAT tutors in the industry, all in the comfort of your home

PSAT Registration

The PSAT is offered to freshmen, sophomores, and juniors during the month of October. In 2015, the PSAT PSAT/NMSQT underwent some major changes. Please take a minute to review some of those enhancements in the table below:

New PSAT/NMSQT and PSAT 10 Pre-2015 PSAT/NMSQT Category
2 hours and 45 minutes 2 hours and 10 minutes Total Testing Time
1. Evidence-Based Reading and Writing
Reading Test
Writing and Language Test
2. Math
1. Critical Reading
2. Writing
3. Mathematics
1. Focus on the knowledge, skills, and understandings that research has identified as most important for college and career readiness and success
2. Greater emphasis on the meaning of words in extended contexts and on how word choice shapes meaning, tone, and impact
3. Rights-only scoring (no penalty for guessing)
1. Emphasis on general reasoning skills
2. Emphasis on vocabulary, often in limited contexts
3. Complex scoring (a point for a correct answer and a deduction for an incorrect answer; blank responses have no impact on scores)
Important Features
Scores will be reported on a shared common score scale with the SAT:
The scale ranges for the PSAT/NMSQT and PSAT 10 scores are 320–1520 for the total score, 160–760 for each of two section scores, and 8–38 for test scores.
1. Scale ranging from 60 to 240
2. Scale ranging from 20 to 80 for Critical Reading, Mathematics, and Writing
Score Reporting
Subscores for every test, providing added insight for students, parents, educators, and counselors. None subscore Reporting

You must sign up for the PSAT at your high school or at another in your community. This test is administered by high schools, not independent testing centers.

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