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Des Moines Tutoring & Test Preparation | Parliament Tutors< The largest school district in Iowa, Des Moines 30,000 plus students comprise 38 elementary schools and five large high schools: East, North, Hoover, Lincoln and Roosevelt. Private schools are predominately Christian-based, and include Grand View Park Baptist School, Iowa Christian Academy and Dowling Catholic High School. Collegiate options predominately include Drake University, and Grand View University. Additionally, The University of Phoenix has a campus in the area. As a whole, 83% of Des Moines residents earn a high school diploma, which is roughly 10% higher than the national average, while slightly over 20% earn a bachelors degree or more.

Parliament Tutors is proud to offer tutoring throughout Des Moines, Iowa. We are proud to serve grade ranges K-12 all 38 public schools across Des Moines, including private schools such as Dowling Catholic High School, and Ankeny Christian Academy. We are additionally happy to work with university students such as those at Drake on either their collegiate course work or in preparation for any graduate school test.

According to the Foundation for Excellence in Education, roughly one third of all fourth grade students in Iowa are considered illiterate. While this by itself is alarming, Linda Fandel stated on behalf of the Iowa governor’s office that “if they can’t read by fourth grade, they’re going to fall behind in other subjects too.” Therefore, students who struggle to read and even those students who do not read at their full potential prevent themselves from reaching their potential in other areas. Most students can benefit from improved reading skills regardless of grade level.

A great tutor will not only be able to help build a customized lesson plan, but will be able to make learning fun and engaging for the individual student. At Parliament, we consult directly with the student and the student’s support system in order to create the appropriate lesson plan that is completely customized to the individual student’s learning style. We then work directly with the student in an active and encouraging learning environment to help them reach their full potential.

Doing well in school is directly linked with higher self-confidence professionally, socially and in approaching new life situations. Predictably, students who do better in school feel more confident about their ability to handle challenges elsewhere.