What do we tutor?

Parliament Tutors offers private tutoring and test preparation for all academic subjects, standardized tests, and nearly every major language.


How can I use my hours?

You can use your hours as you wish with your tutor. An academic advisor will be in touch to discuss a plan of attack that best suit your needs. 

If you purchase a 16 hour package, you can do 16 one-hour sessions or 8 two-hour sessions.


Where can I meet my tutor?

Our private tutors will come to your home or a place of mutual convenience, including a library, school or cafe.


Do my hours expire?

Your hours are non-expiring. If you purchase 16 hours of test prep and have two hours remaining, they can be transferred or used at any time.


What if I have hours remaining?

If you have fulfilled your tutoring needs and still have hours remaining, speak with an advisor and we will happily have any unused hours refunded.


How does the process work?

Before your first session, your tutor will contact you to introduce themselves and learn a little bit more about you.

You will be given an assignment or test prior to your first session so that you and your tutor can get to work immeidately.

After your first tutoring session, your academic advisor will be in touch to get your feedback.