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Regents Tutors
Regents Tutors
Regents Overview
The Regents Exam is a New York State standardized test administered annually beginning in 3rd grade and required to graduate high school. Exams consist of English language art, science, mathematics, and
social studies, with additional subjects available for high school students.
Regents Scoring
The Regents exam is primarily multiple choice, although it also includes essays and short answers in the language arts section and in the high school history and foreign language exams. Each section is graded out of 100 point, with a 65 required to receive a local diploma and an 85 required to receive a Regents diploma.
Regents Tutoring Program
Parliament's Regents' tutoring program gives students the individual attention to not only pass, but to excel on the exam. Our tutors will help students become familiar with the format and content of the exam and review the essential material for their grade level. Students will receive instruction and tips on how to respond to the written sections and strategies for approaching the multiple-choice questions.
Regents Enrollment & Contact Information
To learn more speak to an Academic Advisor, submit an Inquiry Form or use our registration forms to enroll online and meet a Regents Tutor today.
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Regents  Tutors
Regents  Tutors

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Regents  Tutors

Regents Tutors