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MCAT Overview

The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) is a standardized, multiple-choice examination designed to assess the examinee's problem solving, critical thinking, writing skills, and knowledge of science concepts and principles prerequisite to the study of medicine. Scores are reported in Verbal Reasoning, Physical Sciences, Writing Sample, and Biological Sciences.

The MCAT exam is administered multiple times from late January through early September. For More Information on registration visit

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 MCAT Scoring

The MCAT score report presents an independent score for Physical Sciences, Verbal Reasoning, and Biological Sciences. The raw scores for each of the sections are each curved on a scale of 1-15.  These scores are then combined for a total score of 3-45.

The Writing Sample essays are each graded by two different human graders. The scores for these two essays are combined for a score on an alphabetical scale from J-T.  The MCAT score report presents independent scores for each essay, as well as a composite score.

A percentile rank is also attached to a student's score, demonstrating how he/she peforms as compared with other examinees.

MCAT Content

Physical Science
70 minutes
General Chemistry, Basic Physics, Analytical Reasoning, Data Interpretation
Verbal Reasoning
60 minutes
Critical Reading
Biological Sciences
70 minutes
Organic Chemistry, Data Interpretation, Analytical Reasoning
Writing Sample
60 minutes (Two 30-minute Essays)

Intellectual Organization, Critical Thinking, Written Communication


 The Essays are reponses to statements/stimuli that present two given views.  For each, test-takers must write an essay that:

a) Interprets the statement/stimulus

b) Illustrates a counter-example to the view presented in the stimulus

c) Present a resolution to the conflict between the stimulus and counter-example