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With over 200,000 residents, Fremont is one of the largest cities in the San Francisco Bay Area. A major technological hub, the city plays host to facilities for companies such as Western Digital, Boston Scientifics, and Seagate Technology. Fremont is even home to an electric vehicle plant owned by Tesla Motors, a claim that very few other cities can make. With so many thousands of skilled workers living and working in the city, the people of Fremont are no strangers to the importance of education, as it is by education that a community can support jobs which require a highly skilled workforce.

In today’s competitive world, every advantage one can get is important, and education is the greatest advantage of all. Parliament Tutors can help you or your student obtain and keep the academic skills they need in order to excel in whatever field you need. Whether you or your student are in a K-12 class, preparing for a standardized exam, or are taking a course in college, we can help! Our tutors are skilled, friendly, and they customize each lesson to fit the needs of our students. 

These days, the competition for college entry is intense, and preparations for college begin at ever earlier grades. Colleges in Fremont include Ohlone College, and campuses for colleges based elsewhere, such as UC Berkeley or DeVry University. These and others in the Fremont area are all fine schools, and they have caught the notice of today’s global student body. These days, applicants for a college face competition from students coming from all over the world. The opportunities are great, but so are the challenges. Students who are behind have a hard time catching up, and those students who are ahead find that staying ahead is not easy. Standards are rising, and not every school is necessarily going to give its students the help they need to excel in today’s environment, so outside help may be necessary for you or your student.  

Everyone needs academic assistance sometimes. If you or your student have fallen behind or simply want to get a leg up on the competition, Parliament Tutors can help! Having a tutor’s assistance is like having a personalized lesson which conforms to the needs of the student instead of expecting the student to conform to the rigid expectations of the classroom. No matter what your situation, Parliament Tutors can help!






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